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Corporate Social Responsibility

Global Fashion Leader, Lee and Co.

We Strive to Grow Together with Our Employees, Partners and Local Communities in Our Overseas Incorporations

  • CSR

    Roles and Responsibilities

    Our corporate social responsibility team plans and implements activities that comply with the ethical and social standards of our customers and benefits society. We operate independent CSR teams in each overseas corporation and run various activities to make improvements and ensure the protection of our employee’s welfare, human rights and women’s rights. All activities of the CSR team apply equally to all the supply chain operations we work with.


    Compliance Audit System

    We adhere to our customers’ standards and the labor laws of related countries to improve the welfare, health and human rights of our overseas employees. The compliance team conducts regular self-audits to ensure that standards are met and improvements are maintained. We provide health & safety training every week and run self-audits every month. The results are shared with the CSR team at our headquarters and all overseas corporations. Based on the results, the CSR team at our headquarters plans, implements and monitors improvements.


    Better Work

    Most of our overseas corporations are registered with the BETTER WORK program. We make improvements to the work environment and quality of life of our employees through various training including professional development courses. We promote an open work environment, encourage employees to share their voices and participate in union activities. PICC (WORKER-MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE) ensures that improvements are maintained. All of these efforts strengthen our factories and empower our workers.

    Her Project

    Human rights, environmental and ethical values are of critical importance to our overseas corporations. We implemented the Her Project to improve the human rights and quality of life of our female workers. Through this project, more than 3,000 female workers have made improvements in various aspects of their lives. We will continue to support our female employees so that more can benefit from the Her Project. Her Project is divided into three categories: Her Health / Her Finance / Her Respect

  • Environment

    Environmental Management

    We have participated in the Sustainable Energy Saving Program starting from 2013 as part of a plan to fight against global warming. Most of our overseas corporations are involved in this policy. In 2013, we consulted with a specialist to implement sustainable and effective energy-saving strategies by improving our equipment and facilities.

    HIGG Index

    By using the HIGG Index tool developed by SAC (Sustainable Apparel Coalition), we monitor and manage the energy consumption / efficiency / GHG emissions of all the factories. We plan to implement a sustainable environmental improvement program by gradually reducing energy, water waste and GHG emissions.

    Conflict Minerals

    In accordance with the Dodd-Frank Act, Section 1502, we strictly prohibits the use of minerals (tin/tantalum/tungsten and gold) produced in the regions of dispute (the Democratic Republic of the Congo and its neighboring countries).