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Global Fashion Leader, Lee and Co.

At Lee, People are The Most Important Asset


    Notification will be given out separately

    Preferred qualifications
    Fluency in English, Vietnamese, and Indonesian
    Textile/Fashion-related degrees

    Working conditions
    Working hours: 5 days a week (MON ~FRI)
    Education and training: New employee training and job skill enhancement training
    Overseas training: Overseas corporation (Vietnam and Indonesia) field trips and long-term overseas dispatch

    Rolling basis: Open positions can be found on our website or any job portal

  • Prospective employees

  • Employee activities

    1. Club Activities
    Club activities for team spirit-building - RUNNING TURTLES (marathon), cultural arts, bowling, baking, extreme sports, flower arrangement

    2. Trend Meeting
    Internal trend meetings are held once every two months, on the third Thursday of the month, and consist of:
      a)Exchange of information for order samples and progress
      b)Update on latest buyer trends and market trends
    Best and Outstanding presenter is awarded

    3. Social contribution activities through a bazaar
    We hold a bazaar every year in April
    Friends and family members of our employees are invited
    Partial profits from the bazaar are returned to social welfare facilities

  • Benefits

    1. Promotion system
    Regular promotion schedule: Every 1st of January
    Special promotion schedule: Anniversary of foundation (May 1st)

    2. Incentive
    Starting 1996, we foster a positive and productive work environment by rewarding incentives 2 times a year (1st half / 2nd half)

    3. Long-term employee benefits
    Employees with 10 years of continuous employment will receive a yearly health checkup for employees and their spouses

    4. Employee mutual aid
    Financial aid provided for parents, siblings and spouse’s special occasions

    5. Dormitory
    Dormitory is provided for employees commuting long distances

    6. Recreational facility
    Company training centers and resort memberships available

      1) Jecheon Training Center
      Location: Jecheon City, North Chungcheongbuk-do
      Rooms: 8 rooms in total
      Accommodations: barbecue facilities, karaoke, gymnasium (pool table, table tennis table)

      2) Gangneung Training Center
      Location: Gangneung-si,Gangwon-do
      Accommodations: 1 apartment (room 3, bathroom 2)

      3) Resort (corporate membership)
      Gonjiam Resort (Gonjiam, Gyeonggi-do),  Oak Valley (Wonju city, Gangwon Province)

    7. Restaurants
    Lunch / Dinners provided at affiliated restaurants

    8. Tuition Support
    High school and college tuition fee support provided for employees who have worked for more than one year

    9. English Education System
    1:1 or group English class with a native English instructor who resides in the company

    10. HELPER system
    2 employees are partnered to support each other
    - Helper 1: A person who can act as a secretary in case of another person’s absence
    - Helper 2: A person who can support or carry out the job to cover for the other’s absence
    A person who can offer help to a new employee

    11. Other benefits
    - Telecommunication cost support
    - Housing loan
    - Vehicle maintenance expenses support for operational purposes