Global Fashion Leader, Lee and Co.

Research-Driven Innovation is a Key Factor in Producing Quality Garments

  • Design & Development

    We have established and integrated an R&D team to provide innovative and creative products for our customers. Through extensive market research and product development, we’ve been able to successfully facilitate over 130 buyer meetings per year. In January 2016, we renovated our R&D center, installing sample rooms, fabric/trim mills to quickly respond to customers’ needs.


    - New fabrics and materials satisfy our customer’s needs and reflect the latest trends.
    - Our fabric library is managed and operated on a seasonal basis.

    2. Graphics & Washing

    - Customized graphic designs that reflect the latest trends and our customer’s brand aesthetics.
    - New resources available for our customers such as graphic designs, seasonal research and analysis on print trends.
    - Various garment-washing techniques and innovative sample products.


    3D design proposals using CLO.

    4. Trend Research

    - Customized trend reports and market intelligence.
    - Global market research in Europe, U.S., Canada, and HK on a seasonal basis.

    5. Style

    - Customized designs
    - Expert sample-makers

    6. Presentation

    - Engaging presentations with curated samples and trend/market reports
    - Efficient meetings
    - Active participation in seasonal vendor fairs and design fairs

  • Innovation through Synergy

    Our sales and R&D teams work together to meet the quality, price, and design standards of our customers from the product development stage.
    We actively work as one team and follow up with the orders to the final stage.

  • Global Market research